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Top Recommended Eyes Candy

Albanese 12 Flavor Assorted Gummi Bears, Fat Free, 5-Pound Bags (Pack of 2)
Albanese Confectionery

Assorted 12 flavor gummi Bears, flavors: lemon, wild cherry, orange, pineapple, strawberry, apple, banana, lime, watermelon, red raspberry, grapefruit, and grape Albanese, A pasion for great food.

  • “They are soft, chewy, and very flavorful.” – Ollin1521
  • “One bag was gone in 3 days!” – Cathio
  • “All of my friends love me even more when I bring them with me to events.” – John Sowden

The Lord Of The Rings Limited Edition Eye Of Sauron Pez Collector's Series Dispensers
PEZ Candy

Pez Is A American Tradition. Combining Pez With The Lord Of The Rings, Does It Get Better? This Is A Limited Edition 1 of 150,000 Made. Brand New Sealed With Candy.

  • “Item was received as described and ahead of schedule.” – Cheryl Gibson
  • “It really makes a fun addition to a Tolkien collection.” – Sarah Leah
  • “If you like pez and Lord of the Rings or know someone who does then I would definately recommend this.” – Matt

Pulparindo EXTRA HOT Tamarind Pulp Candy 20 count
de la Rosa

De La Rosa Pulparindo Extra Hot 20 Count in stock and ready to ship from The Latin Products. We stock De La Rosa Pulparindo Extra Hot 20 Count for .99 and we guarantee both superior quality and your complete satisfaction.

  • “The mixture of sweet, sour, salty and spicy is perfecto!” – Sasha
  • “When I first bit into I thought it was very odd.” – gratheeus
  • “Thank you all who made it possible…..God Bless you.” – Monica Esquivel

Shimmer Pearlescent Powder Blue 1 Inch Gumballs 1LB Bag
The Nutty Fruit House

Yummy gumballs that will keep your mouth busy all day.

Shimmer Pearlescent Bright Pink 1 Inch Gumballs 1LB Bag
The Nutty Fruit House

Yummy gumballs that will keep your mouth busy all day.

Dark Moon Forkz Eyeball Halloween Candy Lollipops Suckers, Assorted Flavors (Pack of 24)
Dark Moon

Dark Moon Forkz Lollipops: 12 Count (24 Pieces)
All right, if you haven”t been accustomed to repulsive and bizarre but delicious Candy yet, you”re out of luck.

Shimmer Pearlescent White 1 Inch Gumballs 1LB Bag
The Nutty Fruit House

Yummy gumballs that will keep your mouth busy all day.

Solay Gourmet Himalayan Sea Salt and Celtic Salt Soft Vanilla Caramels - 5 LB
Solay Wellness, Inc.

Our delicious, award winning natural gourmet caramels are hand poured in Montana, insuring highest quality and freshness. Our soft, vanilla buttery caramel is hand made with a subtle Himalayan sea salt and Celtic sea salted finish that entices the tongue and accentuates the buttery caramel flavor.

Bullseyes Caramel Creams 5lbs
Candy Crate

The “Original” Caramel Cream with the fondant cream center. Also known as Bulls-Eyes, these candies have been a favorite since 1895. Approx 40 pieces per pound.

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